NA Humor: Groundhog’s Day 2007

NA Humor comic: Groundhog's DayAs a child I loved the winter and more specifically Groundhog Day (disclaimer: it’s my birthday). Although I didn’t want to make Kelly’s birthday the same as mine, I couldn’t pass up a comic-ing opportunity when the newspaper was to be published on my birthday.

At this stage I had 10 Kelly comics printed in the paper about life at Binghamton University (fret not, they will all be posted over time). It seemed the perfect time to try some more absurd humor, which you will definitely notice in the next few NA Humors.

Groundhogs are revered by some in Pennsylvania (Punxsutawney truly has an all out celebration), while others cringe whenever the fuzzy critter sees his shadow. No matter Phil’s predication, unless it is a freak season like in 2012, winter still drags on.

Five years after I created this comic, despite my enjoyment of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day and personal attachment to that date, dreary, frigid days such as this morning as I am writing this post make me wish we could prolong summer instead of dragging into winter.

* Note: No groundhogs were hurt in the production of this comic, do not shoot the furry messenger next February 2nd.


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