Kelly # 2: Freshman Blues


comic Kellys freshman blues

There comes a point when any excitement from the newness of something – be it a job, relationship, or a first semester of college – comes to an end. By the end of my first month of the latter I realized how much marketing – not to mention mechanical bulls, happy tour guides, and gourmet food – goes into open houses and orientation weekends.

Don’t get me wrong, I was at a great university that was a good fit for me, but as the leaves matured from green to orange before falling away, freshmen like me had to grow up and truly be on our own.

There were errors in my tuition billing and the dryers scorched my clothes into mannequin-sized garments, which I chalk up to my own unguided mistakes. My family was indeed on a business vacation in Las Vegas, which only added insult to injury when I would recall their sunny postcards as I sledged through the rain drenched trees to get cough syrup from health services.

Yet, as I was a freshman student there would still be so many new things to experience in college that would supersede my blues, such as my first A on a paper (not bad for procrastinating), my first college snow day, the search for my first extracurricular activity, applying for my first summer job, not to mention some less tame college activities which would occur much later. Looking back, it all seems quaint now, but in college there is always a first time for everything and it would all prove to be exciting.


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