Kelly # 3: The Boy Store

comic # 3: Kelly and the Boy Store

How much easier would dating be if we could just go to a store and find our type in a variety of styles? In a world of Babies R Us and Container Stores, Boys 4 U! seems possible, although I suppose that is now what online dating is for.

Dating in college is that time to shop, however it is a challenge when most of the people you meet and like came to college still in a high school relationship or immediately meet someone who becomes glued to their hip. In that case it is at least a consolation to amass friends who are in relationships to learn from as part of your college “studying.”

Two years after this, when my brother was a freshman, our mother encouraged me to transfer to his college where the guys outnumbered the girls 2 to 1. By then Binghamton was truly my home and I was grateful not all of my college friends had boyfriends so we could rely on each other for adventures.

Over time Kelly would have a few too many pratfalls to ever seriously be dating, while her comic brother had his owns unique ideas about dating.


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