Kelly #4: Halloween Costume

comic Kelly's Halloween costume

Some may say not wearing a costume on Halloween is lazy:

  • “How dare that uncreative soul not even put in the minimum effort and still expect candy and punch at our party!?!”
  • “We are finally in college, it’s time to let lose, especially clothing-wise.”

(Feel free to picture your favorite frat guy stereotype as the speaker.)

In actuality being yourself on Halloween is very meta. It depends on a lot of self-reflection and no shortage of confidence (not as much confidence as prancing around in a bikini on the last day of October, although that may instead be desperation).

I must confess I have never actually been self-assured enough to go as myself for Halloween. I expect this is because I love any excuse to dress up (barring participating in cosplay). In fact, I am currently biding my time for when I can wear my 1950’s dress to work.

This is when the line between real life and comic life blurs: why not draw Kelly in my real ballerina costume? It may have been a personal fear of revealing my far too innocent Halloween costume to fellow college newspaper readers. Instead I like to think that while Kelly has some of my awkward qualities, and even makes more mistakes than I am capable of, she is her own character with enough confidence to be herself for Halloween. As a comic she could do things I could not. Being a semi-autobiographical comic, Kelly did take my same classes, also studied abroad, and eventually matched my more mature Halloween costumes.

Halloween is nearly here and my costume is not yet in fruition. Perhaps I will pay homage by going as Kelly, or maybe this year I will finally be self-assured enough to just be myself: Kelsey.


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