Kelly # 5: Forgotten Vote

comic # 5: Kelly's Forgotten VoteAh, Election Day 2006. My first opportunity to vote. Fortunately, I did not forget as Kelly did, but it was challenging to remember the deadlines for voting absentee during all of my years in an out-of-state college. It threw me off to learn that states have different rules and deadlines for absentee voting so my ballot had to be received by the proper authorities before my brother’s even needed to be postmarked.

Unlike my comic alter ego, I have voted in nearly every election I was eligible for, including while I was studying abroad. Of course, there was the time I mistakenly thought that a local primary was not worth my time compared to choosing a Prez. (I later learned how much local government officials matter to rural municipalities when I was reporting on county commissioner meetings for my hometown newspaper.) During that primary my dad insisted that my mom and I vote and drove us to our polling place. The kicker is that he himself could not vote as he is an Independent. At least he was doing his civic duty by making sure we voted.

Hopefully my love of history and cast of a Revolutionary War solider, suffragette, and hippie colorfully illustrated my point. Now I really don’t have to reiterate these ghosts of voting past do I? Well I am still going to:

Go out and vote!

I have friends in both parties so I don’t care who you vote for President of the United States, just take advantage of your opportunity to vote at all, especially if you don’t need an id as Pennsylvania has ruled out for this election.

This is my second presidential election and until I hear the results on Tuesday night I am going to laugh at the more outlandish candidates in the Hall of Presidents at Saturday Night Live’s Election Central while knowing I didn’t let the ghosts of voting past down this year.


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