Kelly #6: Home Visit

I have never acted or looked my age. Most times I prefer films and music that would be more appropriate for my parents and my friends’ parents than people my own age. Also, the prevailing theme of my life is that I look much younger than my actual age. When I graduated from high school most people mistook me as a junior high grad. This briefly came in handy when I was offered the cheaper children’s menu to order from, which is exactly what happened during my first fall break (see above comic) and summer break, however I was a bit annoyed when I was carded last week for playing the Powerball. The lowest point was when a camper noticed me getting behind the wheel of my car and exclaimed to my fellow camp counselor that I shouldn’t drive, I looked like I was 12: I was 19 years old at the time; the camper was eight years old.

Speaking of cars, as freshmen we were not allowed to have vehicles, so I often relied on the generosity of my parents and grandmother to get home. It’s too bad I didn’t draw a comic of my first experience taking a city bus. It resulted in me getting off at the wrong stop and running across a six-lane highway to Wegmans.

At least in real life my family and cat (who, like the rest of my family, continues the tradition of not using her real name when in comic form) were always around and glad to see me when I was home on break. Kelly’s family was more indifferent, quite the opposite of my overly cautious mother. Even now that I live on the other end of the state my mother still demands that I call to let her know when I’ve arrived some place safely, presumably she still doesn’t trust me on city buses.

And from an artistic standpoint, I was relieved from my struggles in drawing a proper straight line by utilizing my printed-out comic panels. This gave more time to have fun drawing the ceiling view and contorting Kelly into strange poses, along with renovating my parents’ house as a two-story country home. With more time I could have included all of the trees and creek around our house, but that would have taken time for more important endeavors, such as homework,  scripting comics or watching Judy Garland films.


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