Kelly #7: Introduction to Facebook

Remember when only people with college email addresses could belong to Facebook?

The year 2006 doesn’t sound like that long ago and, yet, there have been numerous changes to this – and countless other – social networking sites. Suffice to say, I hadn’t heard of Facebook until college and had no desire to join until my fellow freshman egged me on.

While I am not proud to admit it, I take my time before embracing the latest technology or newest trend. As students, the biggest concern for me and my friends was making sure our status updates and photos would not come back to haunt us. Back then it was typical for me to have a status about going out of town, assume everyone would see it, then receive a frantic call from my mother wondering where I was and why I didn’t tell her, all because my family thought that Facebook was something that was paper-bound. Now our younger siblings, parents, professors, and even grandparents pester us to “friend” them, but at least one update sufficiently spreads the message. It is too bad the frantic phone calls from my mom do not decrease.

Tweet Away

Re-reading this comic brought back fond memories of my first leap into the world of social networking. To coincide with this post I am taking the leap and finally starting a Twitter account, which will certainly delight my friends who consistantly mock my inability to tweet.

Now you can follow and tweet @KelseyLeljedal to read my musings on tech meetups, city events, rural home visits, adventures traveling and endless other topics. And even if you don’t care about my current real life this is also a way to receive announcements of further re-released Kelly and NA Humor comics, this way everyone wins.

First Facebook, now Twitter and soon a smartphone. Is it possible I am getting misty eyed recalling my high school years of taking over my parents landline telephone and using the deathly slow dial-up Internet to instant message my camp friends with AIM? Thankfully all of that technology has improved. Hopefully I won’t become addicted to my new social networking outlet and quit calling or seeing real people like Kelly.


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