Kelly #8: First College Finals

A time of do or die; where what you scribble in a blue book could count for 30% of your course grade. Yes, finals week, the bane of every college student’s existence. That is, unless said college student only had one final to knock out before this hell week engulfed her life. Instead of countless hours crouched over books and memorizing formulas the majority of finals week was spent resting and relaxing before break even began.

Indeed I was that lucky my first semester of college. As with so many things in life, finals would only become more painful as time went by. This comic would come back to haunt me as my other finals became much tougher (thank you sophomore year French).

College finals seem so quaint now compared to the responsibilites of the real world. I am nostalgic for when I would complete a huge project then be rewarded with a month off to replenish my energy. While long breaks can still be fun, they are not as conducive for sustaining the creative momentum necessary at adult jobs.

Unless I follow the path of my fellow Binghamton University friends and go to graduate school, I don’t anticipate any further finals weeks or long breaks at home. And at this point in my life I am happier with the steady pace of my job.

Design notes: This comic was fun to incorporate more outrageous and iconic comic imagery, such as the whirly gig and bubble letters, with some holiday motifs. And, that is no exaggeration: my hair really does get that crazy when I pull all nighters.

Congrats to my friends who just completed their grad school finals! What was your toughest or easiest one? It is too late to change the answer on your bubble sheet, so stop obsessing and think of me back at the office while you are goofing off on break.


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