Kelly #10: The New Semester

comic of Kelly feeling prepared as she walks to class only to realize she went to last semester's class

Some Things Never Change…

A new semester at college meant one important thing for me: more comics to draw! Not that I didn’t miss learning the steps for the English waltz in my international dance gym class or studying for my math in action’s poker exam (true things my classes focused on), but to return to drawing Kelly and NA Humor was something I took pleasure in crossing off my “to do” list.

My second semester of college was more comfortable. No longer the newbie freshman, I knew where to find my British literature 1 discussion section in Academic A and to avoid the pasta in the Student Union’s food court. Nothing was going to stop me from conquering my spring semester of college.

However, what fun would it be if Kelly actually did things right? If comedy is based on errors then my cartoon doppelgänger was going to make more than one misfire upon returning to school.

Her confidence in thinking she knew what she was doing was not what it should have been. Kelly fell victim to a routine that had been ingrained for four months by walking the same path that returned her to the Monday morning class she attended her first semester. Lesson learned: always double check the schedule and form a new pattern!

A benign rookie mistake, but there were more mistakes to be made in the new year as both Kelly and I were back in the Binghamton groove.


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