Kelly #12: The Binghamton University Blizzard

snow day fun and relaxation, followed by nostalgia

Snow days were the epitome of innocent fun.

As elementary students my brother and I would gather in front of the TV each morning during winter to see if our school district made the cancellation list, although a delay would have been fine with us too.

A full day off meant hours to play outside. We sledded, flopped around to form snow angels, climbed plowed snowbanks that seemed as high as mountains (that may have truly been the case after the blizzard of 1993), sculpted snowmen and, despite our parents’ worries about acid rain, used our tongues to catch the refreshing white magic that brought us a day of so much joy.

Snow days during high school may have not been as enchanted, however if a big storm was predicted overnight we diligently monitored the evening news broadcast to check if we could sleep in the next day, quite the luxury for teenagers.

And in college all forms of breaks were prayed for but, according to the upper classmen, you were more likely to freeze as you trudged through blizzards to get to the lecture hall until finals week before our school’s administrators would halt classes due to the weather.

At least that’s how it was suppose to be. Then a Valentine’s Day miracle happened my second semester of college: we awoke to a snow day in the middle of the week!

Naturally, being in college I celebrated like most other students, by falling back asleep until noon. Participation in this rare snow day harkened back to our long histories with winter precipitation. As my dorm building (making its first exterior appearance in my comic) was on a slight hill my suite mates and I followed tradition and stole trays from the ever open dining hall to sled. The fact that using the trays, along with trash bin lids, as makeshift sleds was greatly discouraged by our RAs made it even more thrilling.

Through my time in college we had a handful of more snow days, power outages and even time off due to fall flooding, but my fondest memories are of the mini escape that first snow day brought me.

A few days ago several inches of snow fell less than a week into spring 2013. As I now live in a city I became dejected when the pretty white stuff disappeared into the ground and turned to slush. Trudging on the slippery sidewalks as the snow melted on my neck and ears was not pleasant, but seeing how for a brief moment it made the world look clean reminded me of the day that inspired this comic.


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