Kelly #13: The Kelly Club

Kelly comic about trying new college clubs

After far too long of a hiatus I am back with the rest of my college comics! I chuckled to see that appropriately the next one in my archive was my comic about trying out a bunch of clubs.

Some things never change, as I’ve enjoyed trying new meet ups and failing at gym sessions when I moved to the city post-college. During college, clubs gave me something to focus my time on besides my courses. I may have tried out a few too many, but more than one of my friends took their fraternity or sorority rushing more seriously than their classes.

While it was great to try out new things and meet more people, I don’t miss the quarter sheets announcing general interest meetings (GIMs) littering my walk to the library. I’d hope that my school is more digitally savvy than when I left because the constant paper announcements did make the environmental clubs crazy and social media is much more awesome.

Ultimately, I spent my years at Binghamton University drawing comics for the student newspaper and later writing and editing a magazine and even pitching in for an environmental club.

And although it was enjoyable (okay, sometimes humbling/humiliating) exploring new extracurricular interests, in the end this did not help me pick a major. The ingenious method my friends and I used to determine our future will be an upcoming comic so stick around for more.


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