Kelly # 14: In the Category of Most Embarrassing Moment Goes to… Kelly

Kelly comes over dressed to an Oscars partyI am going to geek out a bit and admit that I love the Academy Awards. In fact, I have a fake Oscar statue at my parents’ house from Universal Studios Orlando. Although a huge part of our culture’s zeitgeist, film and Hollywood recognition did not have a wide following back home.

Thus when I met fellow film fans in college I was giddy! We got off on discussing the importance of Singin’ in the Rain in comparison to The Jazz Singer, amongst other things.

Another thing I geek out about is glamorous outfits. You can see how the Academy Awards and pre-show red carpet interviews would be the highlight of my birth month. Be it the designer gowns, the film clip montages or the musical performances, I loved it all.

However, you can see that, like Kelly, try as I might, I fail to make the impact that my adored starlets do when they enter a room. Kelly’s entrance may have been embarrassing, yet classy. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to get gussied up once in a while.